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Meeting rooms

Chateau Marquette has several meeting rooms.

Bloemenzaal (90m2)

A bright and authentic hall located at the front of the chateau. The hall is connected to the Ballroom and the Gevers Room. A very suitable room for meetings with break-outs, a private dinner or a closing drink.

Gevers-kamer (35m2)

The Gevers room is also called the Japanese-Chinese room, after the special paintings, which Jonkheer Gevers brought with him during his travels from 1889 to 1925. The room is connected to Flower Room, Ballroom and Rendorp room and therefore very suitable for any break-out session.


Rendorp-kamer (35m2)

The Rendorp room is named after one of the former inhabitants of the castle. Thanks to its antique mirrors and especially the unique 18th century murals (Andries van der Groen) it is one of the special rooms of Chateau Marquette. The room is very suitable for meetings or "private dinners" up to 12 people at one round table and can also be used as a break-out space.

Spiegelzaal (153m2)

The Mirror Hall is the largest hall in the chateau. The many mirrors give the room its name, but also the view is dazzling. There is a double door to the adjacent Heemskerk hall and the generous landing, with comfortable seating

Balzaal (60m2)

The Ballroom exudes grandeur, but also intimacy, thanks to warm colours, the chandelier, paintings, mirrors and fireplace from the 18th century. A beautiful place for a reception, chic dinner, or toast. The Ballroom has french doors to the terrace behind the chateau, so (partly) outside meetings is also one of the possibilities at the Chateau.

Heemskerkzaal (82m2)

The Heemskerk room is very suitable for business meetings, but also for a private dinner or reception. The hall features plenty of natural daylight and offers stunning views of the estate and forest behind the chateau.

Bibliotheek (133m2)

The Library consists of two parts: the print cabinet, renowned for its prints of playing cards from a distant past and the Library itself. This cosy space, with the appearance of an old "gentleman society", is very suitable for dinners and buffets, also for wine or whisky tastings. This room is mainly used as a shared lunch room.

Amsterdamse-kamer (20m2)

This intimate and charming room overlooking the circular; the castle garden and terrace, is suitable for an intimate dinner or discreet discussion. The room can also be used as a break-out.

Rentmeester-kamer (16m2)

Located next to the Amsterdam room. Again overlooking the circular and natural daylight.


The ideal space for a (closing) drink, reception or as a reception area. It is possible to reserve this space exclusively.

Rondeel / kasteeltuin

The Rondeel was once walled with a moat of 34 meters wide around it. With in the center a huge defense tower. Nowadays this is the castle garden and weather permitted, there are a lot of possibilities. A cosy barbecue, team building activities or a drink!

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