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In between meetings, change your mindset in a different environment.
Chateau Marquette is ideal for combining business and pleasure. In collaboration with our partner Unique Surprises, various activities are possible, both on our estate and the surrounding area.

Below some of the activities featured. All special experiences that can be used at different times. In addition to these activities, it is also possible to create a tailor-made activity entirely to your wishes and objectives

Bird of prey workshop

Birds of prey capture the imagination. With their arrogance, they confront us with the ruthlessness of nature. Brutal primal power and understated elegance go hand in hand here. Have you been wanting to fly birds of prey for a long time? Then this is your chance. We will prepare you for dealing with these majestic birds and tell you about falconry. The natural environment and working with the falcons and owls is guaranteed to make for a fascinating day.

As from €950.00 excluding VAT.


Catapult building

With this challenging team building activity you go back in time. The catapult is from the Middle Ages and served as a weapon. Now it's up to you to build the best and solid catapult possible.
When the catapult is finished, every team shoots with a ball, the team that shoots the furthest wins.

As from €35.00 per person excluding VAT.



With a stand-up comedian, you're sure of something light-hearted between meetings. This stand-up comedian draws his Inspiration from his experiences as a private driver, courier, real estate landlord and tour manager. He cycled right across England looking for open mics.
Since 2017 he is a Stand-up comedian sharing his experiences and reflections with a wider audience. His favourite topics are: inclusiveness, unity and sustainability.
A cosy atmosphere, a sense of connection, a lot of entertainment and a good dose of self-deprecation is guaranteed.

As from €450.00 excluding VAT and noise amplification


Archery Tag

At an impressive Chateau we also think of archers. Archery Tag is a competitive game that anyone can participate in. It's a mix of dodgeball, archery and paintball. The game can be played painlessly by the special foam tops on the arrows. The teams are formed by the color of the mask, which also ensures a good protection.

Action and excitement are guaranteed with this activity, which also includes obstacles placed on the property. In teams, you compete for Marquette's victory.

As from €35.00 per person excluding VAT. 


Mirroring with dogs

When mirroring dogs, the dog's behaviour is used to make you aware of your own behavior. By looking at the dog as a mirror, you will be made aware of your unconscious behavior. Dogs react very naturally to people's behaviour or manner of being.
This is all done in a very safe and respectful way that can be very fun and sometimes very laughable. It can also be confronting because the dogs show it as it is.

As from €450.00 excluding VAT.



Be amazed by a world-class illusionist. Together with his partner, he will take you into the world of magic. He learned his trade as a magician in India and has been doing his tricks all over the world for over thirteen years now.

The arts are shown very directly and up close. You will not believe your eyes!

As from €1,350.00 excluding 9% VAT and including travel expenses.




Just relax at a crackling wood fire with wonderful music. Listen and sing along to a Singer-Songwriter, with a delicious drink in your hand. This Singer-Songwriter was born in Friesland and this is the common thread of her musical life. Her songs connect and give something. Daily life is briefly forgotten by means of text and singing with a philosophical edge. She draws inspiration from her daily life, walking through the forest, from her vegetable garden and the world around her.
It's a warm, airy break with a big smile.

As from €950.00 excluding VAT and sound amplification.


Inner Strength

It is almost impossible to describe The Inner Strength workshop in words. The workshop is dedicated to connecting with yourself and with each other. This is done with special exercises, such as running with your eyes closed and breathing connected. The trainer does this for both individuals and companies, such as Microsoft. He is one of the best in the Netherlands in his profession.
This activity will at least make for a lasting impression.

As from €650.00 excluding VAT.



Body Percussion

In this workshop you will learn to create rhythms with the body in an energetic and playful way. The trainer has been performing all over the world since he was nine years old. The workshop has a binding character and provides a large amount of positive energy. Creating rhythms stimulates the creative ability to come up with and create new things.
The result of this Body Percussion workshop is that you will continue the day with a big smile and bursting with energy.

As from €600.00 excluding VAT.


Gospel in the Air

During the break enjoy a rousing performance by a gospel choir in blackgospel gown. You will be dragged into the rousing, energetic and rhythmic sounds for which blackgospel music is known. This from origin African-American music is sung from the toes, gets into your soul and has a high entertainment content.
The choir is accompanied by a great pianist. Goosebumps guaranteed!

As from €2,400.00 excluding VAT and including travel expenses.


Comedy op maat

Do you want to laugh out loud? This musical wrap-up guarantees a good amount of energy and fun. In advance, the artist will delve into your program and will be present at your meeting. She sums up your meeting in a legendary way. The text is put to original music with a high sing-along content. A comical, sharp and relativizing moment.
This comedy is both substantial and light-hearted, so the guests will continue their day humming and with enthusiasm.

As from €1,485.00 excluding VAT and including extensive preparation and travel expenses.


Ladies of the compliment

The ladies in a festive outfit give you a sincere and personal compliment. On a handwritten note, the most beautiful of a person is described carefully and with love. Sometimes moving, sometimes funny, but always heartwarming and effective. People really brighten up from this little moment, which guarantees a smile.

As from €790.00 excluding VAT and including preparation and travel expenses.



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